Shadow Dr. Viviano and Team for a full day. Includes breakfast and lunch meetings, and end-of-day debriefing. Maximum enrolment for program: One Clinician, One Administrative Team and One Assistant Team. 8:00am to 6:00pm RCDSO Core 2 CE: 10 Hours. Breakfast and Lunch included.

Prerequisite: Clinician must have currently valid enrolment in zClubSleep (CLOUD)

Tuition - Tax Included

Team members must be employed by a zSleepClub (CLOUD) subscribed clinician

Immerse yourself in an AADSM Accredited Facility. A combination of didactic review, observation, participation and debriefing will prepare both you and your team to succeed in Dental Sleep Medicine.
Email For More Information and Available Dates
Tuition - Tax Included