Manage TMD and Orofacial Pain - CLOUD Based Learning

Dr. Barry Glassman and Dr. Steven Scrivani provide an Evidence Based review of how to manage these disorders. This is simply the most honest accounting of TMD and Oral-facial pain available.

  • Dr. Barry Glassman...

    “For many years dentistry has been dominated by prevailing occlusal concepts that were initially presented in the 60’s by Ramford and Ash. Despite the lack of evidence for the role of "interferences to centric" and “pterygoid spasms, ” these concepts remain at the heart of our dental model. The inevitable confusion has led to the development of occlusal "camps” dominated by systems of “belief” rather than principles of science. The resulting controversy has prevented the integration of critical muscle and joint concepts into general dentistry. This program removes the controversy and exposes the myths."

  • Dr. Steven Scrivani...

    “Dr. Barry Glassman and I are collaborating to make both the academic study of pain management and the practical approach of diagnostically driven therapy in the clinical setting more meaningful and useful. This course is meant to be clinically relevant and fill the voids often left by pain management programs and is designed for both the general dentist who has an interest in these topics and problems as well as the dental specialist who is looking for the right blend of theory and practicality to bring to his or her patients on a daily basis.”

  • Dr. John Viviano

    "I would like to thank Dr. Barry Glassman about the understanding he has helped me acquire about TMD and Oral-facial pain. For most of my practice I treated the TMJ as if it were the Bermuda Triangle. I simply didn't understand it and stayed away from it. Of course, the different TMD camps out there had a great deal to do with my apprehension. Barry has helped me understand just how simple it is. Don't let the myths and cults that play such a prevalent role in this area hold you back from best helping your patients. Listen to these gentlemen, you won’t be disappointed."